Birds of a Feather


It's always a gift when you find 'your people' in life - fellow humans who share a sensibility/aesthetic/philosophy with you.

One such person is my friend, Alexis Wheeler. She was one of my first mentors when I started in hair, and is currently the proprietress of Crown in NYC. When she swung into town for a few days, we took the opportunity to rock her hair out (boy, did we ever!) and trade hair ideas/inspiration.

Alexis is a rare breed in that she isn't into conventionally 'pretty' hair for herself. (Note: Hairdressers have a high 'funk' threshold for their own look, but it doesn't preclude our ability to give YOU hair that is more mainstream and fabulous!) Anyway, she turned me on to this flickr stream from Portugal that features ka-ray-zee haircuts, and we've both been a bit obsessed ever since.

Since she likes her hair to make a strong statement, I took the opportunity to create 'hair sculpture'. Here's what I did:



Strong asymmetric cut with multiple feather extensions

Nuts, right?!!! Again, this was not about standard hair  -  it was about pushing boundaries, exploring shapes, and playing with new materials. Hair as an art/craft canvas - a stand-alone statement.

She loves it (as do I), and I have to thank her for letting me go totally wild. Alexis, come to L.A. more often!!

This is the kind of work that expands my mind and gets me thinking about other opportunities to stretch in the visual world. Hmmm...


kim myles design, hair feathers

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